Buchloe Cow Save: Vigil Buchloe

+++ All interested people are cordially invited - regardless of whether they still consume animal products or not! +++

Our intention: We would like to show the animals some love and compassion in their last hours before their cruel, much too early and unnecessary death, and to carry the otherwise unheeded stories of their fates out into the world. If you want, you can also take the opportunity to give the animals your very personal promise that from now on you will do everything possible for a compassionate, reasonable and loving world in which all this would be unthinkable. One can refer to such a promise self-confidently and authentically when one is addressed by one's fellow human beings (once again) about one's "renunciation" and can show them the self-made videos and photos from one's own smartphone - in this way one brings the cold reality of the slaughterhouse directly in front of the eyes of their unconscious/denying orderers.

We meet at 8 o'clock in front of the entrance - if you can't make it, you are welcome to join us at any time! Parking is available at the nearby V-Markt. From the station it takes about 15 minutes on foot. Bring your fully loaded smartphones and stream (if and where possible) live 📷 🎞️ 🌐.

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28 Feb 2020


08:00 - 12:00

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Vion Buchloe
Rudolf-Diesel -Straße 10, 86807 Buchloe


Buchloe Cow Save

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