Animal Rebellion: Bloody Action Munich

On Thursday, July 16, early in the morning, activists of Animal Rebellion will demonstrate to the staff of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry how much bloodshed is responsible for the current livestock farming. In a spectacular way, we will show what costs are hidden behind the products, which are displayed en masse in the counters of supermarkets or at the butchers "of our trust": violence against animals, human rights violations, the destruction of our livelihood and liters of blood.

The status quo in the animal industry is shocking: in order to maximize profits in food production, animals are subjected to methodically torturous procedures and slaughtered in pain, employees are ruthlessly exploited, fragile ecosystems are destroyed and the spread of pandemics is encouraged. How could this happen? Animal Rebellion calls for a fundamental change in agriculture with subsidies for the conversion of farms to truly sustainable and organic farming 🧑‍🌾

Humans are not dependent on the consumption of animal bodies and their milk and eggs (among others) for a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to consume animals or animal products - and thus there is no justification for the toxic system of the animal industry!

Animal Rebellion is primarily aimed at all decision-makers the Ministry of Agriculture who can facilitate a shift towards plant-based organic farming. But also to the Federal Government and all those with political decision-making power, as well as to civil society, whose enormous demand for the cheapest animal products makes this system possible. We demand appropriate measures from the economy, politics and lobby to finally put an end to the systematic exploitation of humans, animals and the environment by industry. We demand a sustainable agricultural turnaround now!

Tell the truth! Act now!
It will be colorful, it will be creative, it will be shocking 🌈😍💀

The protest is registered up to 1000 people.


16 Jul 2020


07:00 - 08:00

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Ludwigstr. 2, München

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