AV Munich: Cube of Truth @ International Cube Day 2019


Hello dear people!

on 02.11.19 the third International Cube Day took place in Munich and we broke many records 🔝. Everything was perfect: the weather gave its best 🌤, the location was great 🏛 and the activists were in top form 💪.

At Odensplatz we were able to reach hundreds of people through our presence and conversations alone. 109 of them realized with our help that our sentient mates are not objects that we should use, but individuals who have a right to life, freedom and integrity - just like us!

We were a total of 54 activists - an absolute record in Munich. Never was a cube bigger!

Especially impressive: today 10 new activists supported us - Thank you very much and hopefully until the next Cube!

Lena, activist and photography student accompanied us. Carla also made pictures and videos. We made our first video out of this great material. See for yourself - feedback is welcome.

THANK YOU again to all the activists who were there - you are great 💚!

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